Guided off-road E-Scooter ride

General Terms of Conditions

Terms and conditions for rental of electric scooters

Article 1 : Purpose of the contract
The rental of an electric scooter GLOBE 3T, its accessories by Ard'enjoy, hereinafter referred to as "the renter" and a natural or legal person, hereinafter referred to as "the borrower".

Article 2 : Equipment of the electric scooters
All the rented GLOBE 3T scooters are equipped with the following accessories:

helmet, backpack with battery and its accessories.

Article 3 :
Start of the rental period, availability and return of the scooter
- The rental takes effect when the borrower takes possession of the equipment and the accessories provided. The risks will be transferred at the time of the handing-over of the material and the accessories to the borrower who will assume the guard of it under his whole responsibility, this one committing himself to use them in all circumstances, "in good father of family".
- The accessories delivered with the equipment must not be removed or modified by the borrower.
- The present contract is in force only for the duration of the rental period. The equipment will be returned on the date and at the time stipulated in the contract. If the borrower keeps the equipment beyond this period, he will have to pay the sum of 10€/ additional 1/4h and by scooter. In order to avoid any disputes, the borrower who wishes to keep the scooter for a longer period of time than that agreed upon at the outset must obtain prior approval from Ard'enjoy and pay the additional balance upon return of the equipment.
- The borrower acknowledges that he/she has received the scooter in good working order. Both tires are in good condition. The borrower is responsible for damage other than normal wear and tear, suffered by the vehicle due to the use of routes unsuitable for traffic, shocks caused by the borrower or for any other causes unrelated to the fact of the owner.

Article 4:
Payment and modes of payment of the service
- A deposit of 25% (by bank transfer) is required at the time of booking. The balance is paid, by the borrower at the departure of the hiring. - Only cash is accepted as a method of payment unless previously agreed by the HIRER.

Article 5 :
- The borrower certifies to be able to use the rented equipment, which he undertakes to use himself.
- The loan or subletting of equipment is strictly prohibited.
- In case of breakdown, the borrower must immediately notify the hirer (0471/183344)
- By agreement between the parties, it is strictly forbidden for the borrower to intervene on the equipment in case of failure, without the agreement of the lessor.
- The borrower agrees to use the scooter rented with caution, without danger to third parties and to respect the highway code.
- The borrower must wear a helmet.
- In case of theft of equipment, the borrower must notify the renter immediately, file a complaint with the police and provide a photocopy of the complaint.
- The borrower agrees that the vehicle will not be overloaded, for example when the rented vehicle carries more than one passenger.
- Any violation of these commitments authorizes Ard'enjoy to give notice to the borrower to return the vehicle without delay.

Article 6:
Liability, breakage, theft, damage to third parties
- The borrower does not benefit from any coverage provided by the rental company for damage to the scooter and is personally liable for such damage, breakage, theft and damage to third parties. In these cases, the equipment will be charged to the borrower on the basis of its new value.
- In case of breakage, the borrower undertakes to return the damaged equipment in full. Damage to the equipment will be charged to the borrower according to the current rate available on request.
- In the event of theft by the borrower, misappropriation or damage of any kind resulting from non-compliance with the rules of use or the terms of this contract, the hirer is entitled to recourse for the entirety of the loss.
- In no case will the guide be held responsible in case of accident.

Article 7 : Deposit
- Upon return of the equipment, the deposit is returned to the borrower, after deduction of any damage in accordance with the fixed rates corresponding to the damage to the equipment.
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