Group activities


E-Scooteride - Virtuel Escape room Virtuel

Equipped with a virtual reality headset, collect the necessary information to solve different puzzles, in order to rob the bank and pocket the money. Team spirit and communication will be the keys to success.

for 4 till 6 person per team possibility to compose several teams.

67€ P.P


E-SCOOTERIDE -tasting local products

E-scooter ride - Tasting local products (special beer, cheese, charcuterie,...)

From 8 participants.

54€ P.P

Visit Brewery Achouffe

E-SCOOTERIDE - Visit Brewery Achouffe

Curious to discover what the Achouffe brewery looks like and to learn more about its production secrets? Combine the scooter tour with a visit.

a bottle of 75cl, a galopin and a voucher -1€ to use at the Chouffe-Shop

From 5 participants.

54€ P.P


E-Scooteride - Treetops

ou have the soul of an adventurer and no obstacle resists you ? Even when you do not have your feet on the ground anymore ? Have you ever dreamed of climbing a tree like an agile little monkey ? 

If you are afraid of fear during your journey do not panic, we can bring you back to earth at any time. Everything is provided for your safety and well-being.

From 8 participants.

60€ P.P

Visit a museum

E-Scooteride - Visit Museum of the Land of Salm

Immerse yourself in the world of the folklore and legends of the Pays de Salm. Do our macralles (witches) scare you? Find out about the history of our famous coticule whetstone. A discovery trail for the whole family!

Prices for schools on request!

From 4 participants.

48€ P.P

Archery + rifle shooting

E-scooter ride - Archery & rifle shooting

Want to try archery or rifle shooting ? We give you the opportunity to try these original disciplines. In the beginning some explanations on the use of the material and the security to then practice and finish with a small team competition.

From 10 participants.

58€ P.P

Fun games

E-Scooter tour - Fun Games

The Fun Games is a challenging activity requiring team spirit, speed, strength,... Like the giant ball, the carpet, the ski race, the blind course, the gladiator,... If you like to have fun in a group? This activity is perfect for you.

From 8 participants.

64€ P.P

Visit and tasting brewery

E-Scooteride - Visit Brewery Lupulus

And why not combine an E-Scooter ride with a visit to a modern local brewery located in an 18th century farmhouse?

A bottle of your choice of 33cl and a galopin will be offered to you.

From 5 participants.

52€ P.P

GPS game: the lost cryptex

E-Scooter tour - GPS Game

Equipped with a GPS and a tablet, you have to solve, like a real adventurer, different riddles, to find the path that will lead you to the cryptex (6km wooded circuit).

From 4 participants.

57€ P.P

Archery tag

E-Scooter tour - Archery tag

Are you a fan of the movies "The Hunger Games" or the series "Arrow"? Armed with a bow and arrows (with foam tips) you must conquer your opponent's camp. Different scenarios are possible.

From 10 participants.

58€ P.P


E-scooter ride - Discgolf

The discgolf looks like traditional golf but, with a frisbee instead of a ball. After an explanation of the game and a briefing on the different kinds of frisbees and their techniques, we end with a sensational journey. The goal is to throw the frisbee in a basket with chains, called « Polehole »

From 8 participants.

54€ P.P

Treetops + 1 activity of your choice

E-Scooteride - Treetops and 1 activity of your choice

Archery, stack of beer bins, abseiling or monkey climbing

From 10 participants.

68€ P.P

Discover Game - Breakfast

E-Scooteride - discover Game and breakfast

Game :   Scooter ride at dawn to watch the game + a stop for breakfast in a very nice place and return by scooter.

Durée entre 4h et 5h.

Price from 55 to 65€ depending on the breakfast.

From 8 participants.

55 à 65€ P.P

Discover the Heritage

E-Scooteride - Heritage

Heritage Ride : A discovery by scooter of the heritage accompanied by a lover of his region with different explanations of typical places (Bec du Corbeau, Celtic camp, gold panning, clearing of So Bêchefa,...) with a small tasting of local products (liqueur, pâté, blueberries, pie depending on the season and special beer).

From 6 participants.

55€ P.P

Discover Mushrooms

E-Scooteride - mushrooms

Mushroom ride : Scooter ride with an enthusiast who will explain everything about woodland mushrooms. Picking, preparation and tasting of mushroom toasts accompanied by special beers.

Next dates: Sundays September 12 and 19, 2021. Reserve your outing now!

From 4 participants.

55€ P.P

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